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No need to spend on advertising your vacancies, you can advertise as many jobs as you want, we don’t limit you at all.

Plus you get various features that no other job board provides including referral fees, ability to enable/disable comments, multiple locations & much much more. Once posted, your job instantly appears in our search & you can start receiving applications straight away.

On top of that, after you post your job we will notify all candidates that are registered on TalentHub & are interested in your types of roles.

It’s easy to process applications with TalentHub

You can move applications from one stage to the next in a simple drag & drop way. Each application also has a chat feature attached to it where you can communicate & share documents with your candidates. In addition, each application has a private note section for internal use only where you can leave comments or share feedback on the candidates with your colleagues.

In case you’re a larger company, you can share all of the information with your team or manager so they can see & track your progress, it takes a few clicks & everyone is in the loop.

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Make people apply your way

Once you’ve registered on TalentHub, you get a default application form with all the questions needed to answer when people apply for your job. You can change it in every way, meaning you can add or remove questions to make it work better for you. So when people apply for your job you have all the answers to your questions up front including which visa they’re on, what is their expected salary etc.

On top of that, you can have several application forms which you can use for different kinds of positions. Every application submission can be downloaded & printed for easy reference during interviews.

Build surveys

Reference checks made easy

Every application has a reference section where you can request references from applicants in a couple of clicks. If that applicant has received references previously (perhaps for another role), they will be available for you straightaway without having to do anything.

Every reference has the referees contact details so you can call & check their feedback for yourself if necessary.

Last but not least, you can customise the reference questions & have different forms for different types of roles.

Simple references check
Email notifications

Know what’s going on at any point in time

Get notified when actions need to be done, when new applications are sent through, if applicants want to chat or leave you comments, when results for saved searches come through or when you've received completed references.

It’s completely configurable, you can enable or disable any of your notifications in several clicks.

Email notifications

Track & analyse everything

We give you all the numbers you need to understand if TalentHub is working for you & how you can make it work better.

Nice & simple dashboard with graphs will help answer any questions you may have about your positions or your profile performance. This will help you get ahead of your competitors in the battle for quality staff.


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