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Create your professional profile & tell employers that you're interested in an internship. We've got a great way for you to stand out in front of the others so make sure to take advantage of our interactive skills list feature to showcase your awesomeness.

It's also important to detail what opportunities you're looking for & what value you can add to their organisation then wait to get contacted. TalentHub is a one stop shop to help you get that first job.

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We’ve got everything you’d expect from a quality job board plus several extra features to make your life a bit easier.

Search & apply for internships from any device, receive notifications about new opportunities you may be interested in. Our package will have you covered.

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Simple & transparent application process

Once you've applied for one or more internship opportunities, we're sure you'd want to know where you are in the application process. We've made it easy for you, just log in to see how you're tracking & whether there are any outstanding actions on your end.

Use the chat feature to liaise with the hiring managers or safely share the required documentation, it's all here in one place for you.

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Seamless reference collection

Manage your references with TalentHub, it’s nice & easy. All you need to do is just send a link to your referee in two clicks so they can fill out the reference check form. Once it’s submitted, you will see it in the ‘My References’ section. It can be reused for all of your future job applications.

Don’t want to use it? Just archive it. Less hassle for you, less hassle for your referee & less hassle for the company you’ll be working at.

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Use the Save Search feature to save what you're looking for & we'll keep you up to date when new suitable internships are advertised.

You can set up as many saved searches as you'd like plus you also have the ability to turn on automated alerts to get notified when new matching companies looking for talent pop up.

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