Announcing the new TalentHub v2.0

12 Jan 2018

TalentHub - A free online application management system on steroids!

Since TalentHub's inaugural launch in June '16, we've been listening to our users & collating solid feedback on how our customers would like to have the software tailored for easier use. We’re proud to say that we've made some awesome changes to the workflow & added a ton of cool new functionality to help small to medium businesses successfully hire new employees. 

TalentHub is now lighter, faster & the updated interface means users get more features for a richer experience across the board. We now cater to 4 categories of users including small businesses that do their own hiring, recruitment agencies that don’t want to spend heaps on an expensive job boards & applicant tracking systems, candidates looking for opportunities and students looking for internships. 

  • Small Business - If you’re a small to medium sized business in NZ, TalentHub provides all the tools you need to create your company profile, advertise your roles & manage the incoming applications. We'll also help you screen the candidates so you can onboard the best talent for your business.
  • Recruiters - If you’re a small boutique agency or a large corporate, use TalentHub to post jobs for free, share those across all the popular social media channels & manage incoming applications on any device. You get the bulk of what you need to optimise your recruitment process so post unlimited jobs for free, access an extensive candidate database, prescreen your candidates, share your pipelines, do your references and communicate with everyone in one place.
  • Candidates If you’re a candidate actively searching for an opportunity or just passively looking around, TalentHub has everything you need to be found so you can finally secure yourself that new job. Create your candidate profile, search and apply for active positions, track you application progress & collect and manager your references.
  • Interns If you’re someone that’s looking for an internship, then this is what we’re all about. Getting one  organised during or after your studies is crucial to demonstrating to perspective employers that you know  what it takes to work in a real life environment. Find interesting, paid or experience only, full time or part time internship opportunities in TalentHub and subsidise your theoretical learning with practical hands on industry experience. Create your intern profile, find internship opportunities, apply and track your application progress and collect constructive feedback. Plus we’re massive supporters of the NZ Talent movement that ditches degree requirements for job applicants!

What's more, we made it completely free to everyone! 

Looking for an internship, we’ve got what you need

19 Dec 2017

It's competitive out there, get ahead with an internship!

We know how hard it is to land that first job without any practical experience but with an internship under your belt, you'll be able to gain valuable industry knowledge, collect evidence of your abilities & make those vital professional contacts necessary to get that permanent job offer.

To help you succeed, we just released a TalentHub feature that allows potential interns to identify themselves to companies looking to on board valuable team members. So if you're looking for your first job, we've got you covered. 

Create your professional profile & tell employers that you're interested in an internship. We've got a great way for you to stand out in front of the others so make sure to take advantage of our interactive skills list feature to showcase your awesomeness. It's also important to detail what opportunities you're looking for & what value you can add to their organisation then wait to get contacted. TalentHub is a one stop shop to help you get that first job.

Automate your recruitment processes

29 Nov 2017

Introducing our awesome new reference checking functionality!

Being in the talent acquisition space for many years now, we know that finding the right candidates is just part of the battle. You also need to vet them before the on boarding process begins. Recognising that this is a pretty tedious process, we have developed an easier, more automated way for vetting your candidates. We’ve  created useful automated reference checking functionality so prior to making the candidate an offer, you are able to create a reference check request directly from the application & have it automatically sent for completion. 

Once done, the users will be notified & this reference will go into their reference bank for future reference checks. It’s a very handy feature and certainly simplifies the process especially if the applicant has already received reference replies previously (perhaps for another role) which would be available for review straightaway without having to do anything. It’s important to note that every reference has the referees contact details so you can call & check their feedback for yourself if necessary. Last but not least, you can customise the reference questions & have different forms for different types of roles if necessary.   

Tons of new features for creating new roles

03 Nov 2017

They’re all optional, but certainly worthwhile!

This has been a busy month, we’ve released several awesome features to help users create the best possible job ad. If you’ve got your own careers page on your website for example, and only want to use our job boards then no issues, just add your custom url link so candidates can be directed to your website to apply. Enable or disable comments on your ad, it’s your choice on whether you have a crowdsourced Q&A on your job listing or not. 

Want to use the power of candidate referrals to help improve talent quality by having someone close to the applicant vouch for their work ethic and general competency? Just add a referral fee to your ad letting the marketplace know you’re happy to pay a nominal amount for the right hire.  

Want your job to be more easily found? You can add some extra keywords to make it stand out, just put some relevant tags separated by a space in the Keywords section. Finally, want to have the ability to attach position descriptions or other supporting files for applicants to review, just drag and drop them to the Attach Files section and you’re good to go! 

Going on leave? Delegate your workloads in 2 clicks!

10 Oct 2017

Share your work with colleagues or clients, your choice!

Sometimes you just need a break, but instead of focusing on tying up lose ends and finalising the last piece of work before you go away, you end up spending your time on trying to explain to other team members what you’ve been working on and what they need to do to keep things afloat whilst you’re away. 

We recognise that it’s quite time intensive and you need to note all of the bits and pieces down somewhere - usually a spreadsheet. To help hiring managers and recruiters, we’ve created a new feature so TalentHub users have the ability to share their pipelines and other ongoing applicant management activities with other users. Its easy, select the pipeline or job vacancy you’ve been working on, and share access by adding them using their email address. They get a notification and will be able to see what you see so they can follow up and continue the good work. 

This works well if you also need to share your progress with your manager or let the client know where you’re at with hiring their perfect staff member. Follow the same instructions and give them the appropriate amount of access.

Segmented databases & much better search

13 Sep 2017

Re-use good candidate applications for your upcoming roles!

We’ve just released a useful feature for recruiters and hiring companies who want to be able to search for older applications for the roles they had advertised previously. This is for those not looking to loose quality applicants after they’ve already hired someone. We call it the Applications Database and all you have to do to use it is login, click on the right hand-side Search menu and select Applications. Once there, enter the relevant search phrases and search away! So, the next time you’re searching for a similarly skilled candidate for another vacancy, you will be able to explore across your old applicant database to see if those that didn’t make the cut last time would be interested to reapply again. 

Also, to enhance the user experience & ability to find what you’re looking for faster, we upgraded our search engine by releasing a lot of improvements to the core functionality. It’s now quick & seamless so users can search across all of our databases including jobs, candidates, companies & recruiters. So, what are you waiting for, jump in and find suitable candidates, new job opportunities, recruiters who specialise in a specific area or companies that are searching for talent, it's all here for you to peruse. 

New customisable forms framework & stop rules

01 May 2017

Customise forms to prescreen candidates, assess applicant fit or send out useful surveys!

We’ve released a fully interactive & customisable form building framework for generating a multitude of outcomes. This includes the ability to prescreen incoming candidates, create questionnaires to assess applicant fit, send out opinion polls, HR surveys & a lot more. 

Once you’ve registered on TalentHub, you get a default application form with all the questions needed to answer when people apply for your job. You can change it in every way, meaning you can add or remove questions to make it work better for you. So when people apply for your job you have all the answers to your questions up front including which visa they’re on, what is their expected salary etc. On top of that, you can have several application forms which you can use for different kinds of positions. Every application submission can be downloaded & printed for easy reference during interviews.

In addition, to minimise time spent reviewing inappropriate & unsuitable applications, we’ve introduced a ‘stop rule’ function when building forms to pre-screen candidates during the job application process. You can add 'if this then that’ workflow rules with private screen out messages for candidates that don’t fit the job requirements. These stop rules can also be applied to absolutely any type of form generated on TalentHub.  

Create a your new company or recruiter profile on TalentHub

17 Mar 2017

Introducing new profiles for users!

We’ve been speaking to many of our small business partners over the last couple of months and their feedback has been that they wanted to attract good and reliable talent to their organisation but didn’t want to spend time and money creating a custom made careers portal which has been known to yield great results in the talent acquisition space. 

At the same time another area they encountered problems with was when they needed to engage a specialist agency recruiter. If they wanted assistance from recruiters to headhunt a particular kind of resource, unless they knew someone by name, there was no one stop shop directory to search for a recruitment professional. 

So, we’ve decided to help on both fronts and just released the ability for businesses to be able to create company profiles so that they may use them as a vacancy advertising, career portal. This will help them entice perspective candidates to look at what positions they need filled. Similarly with agency recruiters, who can now create their own profiles to demonstrate their capabilities including what services they offer, how much experience they have, what languages they speak, what industries they specialise in and where their locations are. Both profile types are completely searchable and both candidates looking for work and hiring companies looking for agency recruiter assistance can use the Get in Touch feature to contact the necessary party. 

Introducing our practical application management system (AMS)

28 Feb 2017

Hiring companies & recruiters! 

For you we’ve just released a new embedded application management system to better assist you in overseeing your hiring needs. We’ve created the Kanban like boards so you could drag & drop the incoming applicants through your completely customisable recruitment process. We tried making it as user friendly as possible so if you like the look of someone that applied, just drag their application to the relevant column to take the next step. The recruitment process is already in built but if you have special requirements, edit things at a click of a button.

You can make use of industry standard templates or create your own custom ones for each individual role you're hiring for, it's all here for your unique recruitment needs. Each application also has a chat feature attached to it where you can communicate & share documents with your candidates. In addition, we’ve created each application to have a private notes section for internal use only where you can leave comments or share feedback on the candidates with your colleagues.